17 Feb 2012

An unbelievable trip

As I hurriedly shoved my wallet into the back pocket of my jeans, I heard the doorbell ring.

“Ah, she’s here already!” I said while rushing to open the door. In front of me stood my older sister with a fairly big bag on her shoulder.

“I’ll be done in a minute, Alice, just wait!” I said to her before she could even say hello.

“Yeah, yeah okay. Just hurry, will you? The plane will leave in two hours and we’re still here”, she replied while impatiently typing a message on her cell phone.

“Ready!” I said after a few minutes. “Let’s go!”

And so we got into her car and drove for about 20 minutes while listening to the radio in the car. When we finally arrived at the airport we checked our luggage in and then we stood there, waiting for the plane, while drinking a cup of coffee from a vending machine.

Finally the plane arrived, and we got on board of it. It was my first time ridding on a plane, so I was excited. My sister left me the window seat, as she had already traveled by plane a couple of times. She was obviously having fun seeing me so excited.

“Hope we don’t crash”, she said with an evil smile on her face. She knew I had heard many stories about airplanes crashing and I was a little scared.

“Don’t say that!” I whined, while checking my seatbelt. “You can’t scare me!”

“Yeah, yeah, I wouldn’t even dream of it”, she replied with an ironic tone.

We were almost at the destination, at the St. Kitts Island. We had decided on this destination after finding the Tripbase website on the internet. And there it was, Saint Kitts and Nevis sister Islands. Me and my sister were looking for a quiet place to unwind and recharge our batteries, so we discussed going on this trip. And before I knew it, we had already bought the tickets and made our reservations.

When we arrived, it was already evening, so we took a taxi to our hotel. It was called “Bird Rock”, and it had an incredible view of the Caribbean Sea.

After we checked in our room and arranged our luggage, we had dinner at “Diana’s Restaurant”, a meal which consisted of specific Caribbean dishes that even now, thinking about them, make my mouth water.

Afterwards, we were pretty tired after all the new things around us, so we retired to our room, and went to bed. The next day, we planned to go to the beach and take a dive into the sea.

After a few hours, I woke up at the sound of the TV. My sister had left it on and had fallen asleep like a rock. So I got up, and turned it off. But by then, I wasn’t sleepy anymore, so I decided to take a stroll on the beach. As it was still late at night, I could be all alone on the beach. So I changed into a white, thin blouse and a pair of jeans and went out of the room, as quietly as possible.

Just like I thought, I was all alone on the quiet beach, which was located in a protective cove. As I walked around, the warm sand was gently massaging my feet. Some red and narrow beams of light started appearing slowly, on the clear sky, while I was admiring their reflection in the water. As small waves were caressing the sand, they seemed to be dancing on the glassy surface.  

While I was thinking of returning to my room, I noticed a manly figure slowly coming out of the water. The man had long, black hair, and a good stature. He was definitely a swimmer. He wore a black swimming trunk, while his chest was naked. And while he was brushing his hair back, water was dripping from his body, leaving a trail on the dry sand.

I stood there entranced by this man, who seemed to be coming straight from a dream, as to answer my desire for company. At first, he didn’t seem to notice me. He then proceeded to slip his white shirt, which was crumpled at the root of a palm tree, back on his broad shoulders. The shirt slid easily on his chest following the contours of his wet skin. He suddenly fixed his eyes on me and slowly approached the spot where I was standing.

As I watched him walking towards me, I could feel a small wince of fear, passing through my body. But nevertheless, I just stood there, unable to utter a word. I could feel his eyes going over my body, binding me to the ground.

When he was in front of me, he took my left hand, and laid a cold kiss on it. I could almost feel the salty water of the sea, now on my left hand. I didn’t say anything, I couldn’t.

He stood there, in front of me, looking at me, holding my hand into his, for what to me seemed a couple of hours. He then slowly led me towards the sea, without even muttering a word.

Even though I thought it was strange, at that moment I couldn’t disobey him. I was following him blindly. There was something attracting me to this person, something linking me to him, leaving me at his command.

As we slowly walked into the sea, I could feel the small, cold waves crashing at my feet. When the water was around my waist, he suddenly stopped. He then turned to me and embraced me.

His arms were cold, clinging desperately onto me. As if waking up from a trance, I put my arms around him, and whispered: “I’m sorry!”

He then looked at me, with a sad smile, and nodded. He understood. While still holding me, he softly touched my forehead with his lips. When he let go of me, I noticed a tear, dropping onto his cheek. As I gently wiped it off with my right hand, I could feel its warmth.

Before I could realize it, tears started flowing out of my eyes, blocking my view of the man. After I wiped them off violently, rubbing my eyes, I noticed he was already gone. I couldn’t see him anymore. My knees gave in, and I was in the water up to my neck.

After that night, all I would do was sit at the beach, almost all day and night, waiting for him to appear again. But regardless of how much time I waited, he wouldn’t come. After a week had passed, it was time to return home. And indifferent to what I said, my sister, who thought it was all a dream, persuaded me to return.

I knew I couldn’t stay anymore, and I also knew I wouldn’t see him anymore, so I agreed to return home, without too much fuss.

The ride home wasn’t nearly as fun as the ride to the Islands, and I didn’t get to visit much either, but one thing I know for sure. I will never forget the night I met him. Even if no one believed me, and still I myself can’t understand what happened exactly, I can say with certainty that it was all real.

Since that day, whenever I get some free time from work, I return there, in hope that I will see him once again, and this time, I will surely go with him, wherever he takes me.


  1. Amazing tale alright.. But its not wise to wait for someone whom u have no idea of at all.... Better get a move on life...

  2. Yes, I agree, people shouldn't wait on someone they don't even know, but in this case, it was more of a mystical encounter. :)

  3. This story was very intresting indeed. You have a nice style of writing too. Very good storytelling techniques. I think you can dosome really good stories. Nice.