17 Aug 2011

The mysterious man (Part VI)

A few days later, while she was at school, she overheard two teachers talking about the Lytton family.

“You know, I heard they finally discovered why the plane crashed, and apparently it was a clock bomb on one of the turbines. It’s said they were targeting the Lytton family.”

“And they surely did a good job since all three of them died. poor souls; To think it was just because some people couldn’t handle the jealousy! But oh, petty people do petty things.”

Hearing this, Elisa thought about going again to the Lytton house, but she decided it would be better to wait some more and meet with Keith again.

A few days later, while she was going to town, looking for a magazine for her aunt, she saw Keith buying some flowers from a shop on the corner, and then getting back into a car. She tried to follow it but she was on foot, so she thought about the places he could go in the direction that the car went.

The only place she knew that way was the cemetery where her parents were buried, and since he was carrying flowers, it was likely that he had gone to visit the grave. So she started walking to the cemetery. When she there, she went directly to the grave of her parents, but he wasn’t there, so after saying a prayer she wanted to go out to its other side of it, and while walking on the main path, she saw in the distance a man, dressed in a back suit, with black hair, kneeling before two graves, who had fresh flowers on them. She approached him silently, and when she was a few steps away from him, she read the names engraved on the grave. It said: Thomas Lytton and Stephanie Lytton and between them, there was a little tomb with the name Caroline Lytton. Seeing this, she suddenly felt dizzy, her feet grew limp and then all went black around her.

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