4 Aug 2011

Welcome to my first blog!

I hope you will enjoy my stories as much as I did creating them.

For my first post I will tell you a little about myself. My name is Mihaela and I'm 21 years old. I reside in Romania, and at the moment I'm a student at the North University, studying Romanian and English language and literature.

My hobbies include reading novels and mangas, watching animes, listening to music, and of course creative writing.

Favorite authors are:
  • Alexandre Dumas (both father and son);
  • Margaret Mitchell;
  • Paul Feval.
Favorite books are:
  • The three musketeers (all the volumes);
  • Gone with the wind;
  • Humpback;
  • The Heiress of New Orleans.
Favorite music is mainly rock and other genres that revolve around it.

Although my native language is Romanian, I prefer writing in English because I wish that many people can read and enjoy my work, regardless of their nationality.

The first short story that I will post here is about a girl and what happens to her over the years, after she meets a mysterious man. Her background starts to be uncovered, and old wounds open.

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